Sorry about the krappiness of the pictures. It was barely dawn when I took them, and I was barely ambulatory...

The exterior of the Guesthouse, from the front.

Interior from front door
Interior from the front door, looking straight in.

Left Interior from front door
From the front door, looking about 45 degrees to the left.

View from front (north) window
The view from the front (north) window. Ooo, look. Driveway...

View from East Window
The view from the east window. It's prettier at night.

Crunchy Floor
The aforementioned newspaper varnished to the floor. It's not nearly as deep as I'd remembered. Maybe only three or four sheets total.

The world's tiniest bathroom. The commode is hidden behind the closet wall on the right side of the picture.

Bathroom View
The view from the east-facing bathroom window.

There was insufficient storage space for my first tenant. So I bought this wardrobe to put behind the front door.

Kitchen View
The view from the kitchen window (south). Not much to see. There's a mountain there.

Front Porch View
The view from the front porch.

Another Porch View
Another view from the porch.

Yet Another Porch View
Yet another view from the porch.

Newer Pictures

New bathroom
New showerhead and curtain. Just out of frame is new shelving in linen closet.

New accent wall
New accent wall. That "door" over the water heater is just some painted plywood held in place with two screws, but it's amazing how well plywood texture matches the stucco texture. Also note the snazzier new washer & Dryer. Both work very well. Can see side of new fridge behind washer/dryer.

New Kitchen
New counter adds four cabinets of storage. Unit is freestanting, so can be moved or mounted higher.

As more tenants leave things, it becomes more and more furnished... Now it has a rug, a bunch of cobalt blue drinking glasses, a small bookcase, a fan, sheets and blankets, and an electric zen waterfall... :-)

The details are pretty simple. It's $400 per month, with a $400 security deposit. It's all month-to-month, but try and give me some notice before you move out. If the place is clean and unbroken (my standards are not that high), then you get the security deposit back when you move out.

I am a lazy landlord, so I'm very hip to letting my tenants make repairs, modifications, and additions, and just deducting it from the rent. It's best to discuss them beforehand, though. I'm just not paying for purple and pink paint. Sorry.

The bed can stay or go, your choice. Same with the goofy wood workspace in the kitchen. I'd like to leave the wardrobe in place, but it can go if it really offends you.

The roof was replaced four years ago, so should not leak for another decade. Radon tests show no radon, despite the gigantic crack in the floor (visible in the second picture).

The exterior is 21 feet by 24 feet. Since the real estate world insists on quoting area based on outside measurements, that yields an area of 504 square feet. Less is usable, obviously, due to the thickness of the walls.

Heating and cooling are provided by a single wall-mounted heat pump. It was sufficient for the size of the house, but is dying now. You'd be welcome to buy a new one and deduct the amount from rent. There is no gas service.

Utilities included, unless my bill really skyrockets.